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Since 2011, we have impacted 150,000+ participants globally, guiding them to better work and life.

Kids learn much faster and most adults don’t. Ever wondered why?


Most of us have forgotten our innate skill of Learning. The secret is to understand how the brain works so we can unlock its power.


Invest in learning Meta Skills. 

"Everyone is born with talent, but it’s hidden inside them."

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Attention Maverick

Founder – The Attention Institute

25+ Years of Global Work Experience 

Ex - Goldman Sachs | Nomura | Lehman Brothers | Citibank | World Bank | Accenture | GRO | ANZ

In 2011, I decided to pursue my life’s biggest passion / purpose “IKIGAI” i.e. Learning / Education and started The Attention Institute. My learning programs are largely focused towards work environments which require high cognitive ability and great attention to detail / excellence.

My purpose is helping people realize that -

"There is more to you, than you can see".

About Us: About
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